Terms and conditions


Our products are not drugs or food supplements, and do not substitute any medical preparation or treatment.

We only use natural ingredients. Some products like candles and self-lighting incenses may contain chemical elements which are specified on product description and details, as well as other ingredients which might cause allergic reactions.

Our products are plant based and safe to use, but some natural ingredients and metals could still induce allergic reactions especially to sensitive people, children and people who already suffer with allergies, so we suggest you to check the list of natural allergens in essential oils and be sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients reported on the page of the product you wish to purchase.
For products meant to be used directly on the skin, or which might come into contact with it, first apply a small amount on the back of your hand and do not use or stop using it if any allergy, irritation or discomfort occur. Seek medical advice if necessary.
For products meant to be used internally we suggest to first try a small amount and do not use or stop using it if any allergy or discomfort occur. Seek medical advice if necessary.
Do not ingest a product unless it is for internal use and keep products away from eye and orifices (mouth excluded if the product is intended for internal use).

Our products are meant for adults, their use on, or by, children and minors is parents’ responsibility.

In case of pregnancy, if not differently specified, we recommend not to use products for internal use, or on the skin.

Oils, incenses, elixirs and plant essences should be stored in a cold and dry place, tightly closed after every use.

Even if products do not have specific expiration dates, they may deteriorate or lose their effectiveness after about 1-2 years, and 2-3 years for elixirs and flower essences, so we recommend you to use or consume them within 16-24 months. In particular, for products used internally we accept no responsibility for consumption after the best before date above suggested.

Avoid the abuse of elixirs, products for internal use and oils placed on the skin.

For safety reasons you must never leave candles burning unattended, near flammable materials or while you are sleeping. Always place our candles in a large fire and heat proof container.
Our candles contain herbs and essential oils, so they could create more than one flame, or very high flames when burning.
We take no responsibility for the way or purpose this product is used for.

Our esoteric supplies are made via energy practices and during specific moon phases or planetary hours. They have the purpose to support and empower, but do not guarantee the effectiveness of a spell. This, in fact, depends exclusively from skills and knowledge of who is practicing the Craft of witchcraft.

We have no control and responsibility over the quality of products produced by third party partner companies.

We accept no liability for any damage or issue caused by a careless use, abuse or misuse of our products and for products made by third party partner companies.


Packages are generally dispatched within 7 days (tuesday and friday morning) after payment has been received, using a third party service, usually Royal Mail, with its own policy and terms of use for which we take no responsability.
Dispatch time can take longer when a product is out of stock, custome made, during holiday times or in case of exceptional and unspected events.
As we ship using a third party service, dispatching is by us handing the goods to the carrier or post office. 

We do not charge VAT, therefore international buyers might be subjected to pay an added fee (VAT + custom fee) enforced by the mail/courier service before delivery.

We offer different shipping services, and we recommend a tracked shipping for international orders. Choosing shipping options for international orders different from a tracked one is at your own risk.
We take special care to protect fragile objects, but we accept no responsibility for lost parcels or damage to their contents during the transiction process from the post office or courier, to the buyer specified shipping address, and in general for any problem concerning mail or courier service.
Following dispatching, lost or damaged parcels are responsability of the courier or mail service, which will also have to provide money refund (which can be partial or the full value of the parcel) in compensation based on their own policy.
As we ship using a third party service, we suggest to take vision of the loss and damaged police applied by Royal Mail service to also evaluate if you require a specific insurance to be added to your shipping service, meaning an extra charged will apply to your purchase based on insurance fee, to be paid before the parcel can be dispatched.
In case of lost or damaged parcels if the buyer is unable to directly claim for compensation to the mail or courier service, we will try our best to act as intermediary to bring ahead the process.

Our shipping prices also includes handeling fee, and are applicable to small parcels up to 4 Kg out from UK, and up to 5kg within UK. If your order will exceed these ranges of weight, it will be require an additional cost plus insurance.

We offer a free standard shipping service for orders above £100 , although when possible we might choose to use a tracked shipping option, to which our standard shipment, refund and returns policy still applies.

We cannot group two or more distinct orders placed separately. And we will need to apply shipping fees to each of them.

For items already shipped, a refund from us is granted in full into 14 days from delivery, and only if items purchased do not correspond to the ones ordered, or products quality faults. In those cases, if a return will be requested from us, refund will be issued once items are sent back, and return shipping cost will be at our expenses.

In case of damaged items, or lost parcels, during the shipping process, refund is responsibility of, and to be claimed to, courier or mail service. If the buyer is unable to directly claim for compensation to the mail or courier service, we will try our best to act as intermediary to bring ahead the process.

In case of orders placed by mistake, refund is granted in full (excluded products made by third party partner companies as they cannot be cancelled) if mistake is rectified before shipping occurred, if not, refund will be granted only when items will be sent back (for international orders will be required to send via tracked shipping service) at buyer expenses (proof of post to be shown), and only the cost of items, without shipping cost, will be refunded.

Products made by third party partner companies are shipped to you by them via their own carrier, therefore these products do not qualify for free shipping.
Once the order for this item is placed and paid for, it cannot be cancelled as the system automatically sends a notification to the manufacturer which will start the production process as soon as possible.
When you order this item together with other products you will be charged two separated shipping rates, and receive more than one parcel. Dates for shipping and delivery change based on the product you order.
It is important for you to know that we try our best to offer a professional, pleasant shopping experience, and a quality service, but we have no control and responsibility over manufacturers’ production process, their shipping time, or unexpected delays.

In placing your order you agree to our terms of service.