Sacred Lotus herbal extract


Divine compassion, purity, transmutation, rebirth, enlightenment, regeneration, spiritual evolution.

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Lotus absorbes its nutrient from putrid and decomposed mud to grow into a splendid flower.
This Plant Spirit helps us to integrate and value those parts of ourselves we do not love or accept, including unplesant emotions, pains and characteristics which might also originate from, or be generated by, positive and negative excesses. This division keeps us fragmented and split, but through compassion for our sufferings, imperfections and fears we can understand and transform them to grow, evolve and flourish.
The Sacred Lotus represents the transmutation that elevates us through integration and union, it reminds us that we are human, therefore vulnerable and with many flaws, yet we can still evolve into something beautiful if we accept our nature, emotions, and inner outcasts by transforming them into nourishment through self-love. This becomes a process of purification and elevation, an act of grace, and when our time is over, the physical body returns to the material cycle, to the mud from which life evolves and sustains, meanwhile our spirit will continue to rise towards eternity.

Made with Nelumbo nucifera (petals and stamens) and Brandy.
30ml glass bottle.

Take few drops internally when required, during rituals and in sacred space. As it contains alcohol, avoid internal use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This product is not a drug to treat illness, health issues or food supplement and do not substitute any medical preparation or treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are plant based and safe to use, but some natural ingredients could still induce allergic reactions especially to sensitive people, children and people who already suffer with allergies, so we suggest you to be sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients reported on the product page.
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Keep away from eye and orifices (mouth excluded if the product is intended for internal use).
Even if products do not have specific expiration dates, plant extracts (tinctures and elixirs) can deteriorate or lose their effectiveness after about 2-3 years, so we recommend you to use or consume them within 16-24 months, and store them in a cold dry place.
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