Sacred Blood candle


Vegetal wax candle for meditation, womb magic and mestrual rituals.

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“The word ‘ritual’ comes from ‘rtu’, sanskrit for menses. The earliest rituals were connected to the woman’s monthly bleeding.
The blood from the womb that nourished the unborn child was believed to have mana, magical power.
Women’s periodic bleeding was a cosmic event, like the cycles of the moon and the waxing and waning of the tides. We have forgotten that women were the conduit to the sacred mystery of life and death.” – Elinor Gadon

Candle in vegetable wax made with essential oils (Rosa damascena, Salvia sclarea) and ecofriendly colours.
It can be used alone or combined with our Sacred Feminine oil.

For the safety of those who buy this product we suggest to pay the utmost attention during its use. Always place candles in a large fire and heat proof container, away from flammable objects. Do not let candles burn unattended or if you are sleeping.
This candle contains essential oils which burning together with the wax could create hgh flames.
Remove any paper label before light the candle.
We take no responsibility for the way or purpose this candle is used for.

This is an handmade product, each piece is unique so colours and other details could slightly variate from the picture showed on the product page.

List of natural allergens in essential oils


Weight 0.183 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 10 cm

Full moon, Dark moon, Full set


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