Potion bottle pendant


Gemstone perfume/potion bottle pendant. Available in Amethyst, Labradorite and Moss Agate.

✹ Amethyst
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown chakras.
Properties: Spiritual awareness, inner peace, psychic abilities, meditation.

✹ Labradorite
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras.
Properties: Transformation, strength and perseverance, intuition, psychic abilities.

✹ Moss Agate
Chakra: Heart chakra.
Properties: Grounding, prosperity, abundance, wellbeing.

✹ Lapis lazuli
Chakra: Throat, Third eye chakras.
Properties: Communication, knowledge, truth, wisdom.

Pendant size: around 3cm x 2cm, created by professional makers.
Necklace lenght: around 33cm (66cm in total).
Chain metal: stainless steel.

This product is made with natural stones, therefore each piece is unique and not reproducible. Colours and patterns can variate from sample pictures.

PLEASE NOTE: Metals can induce allergic reactions especially to sensitive people, children and people who already suffer with allergies, so we suggest you to be sure you are not sensitive to any metal reported on the product page.
Stop wearing if any allergy, irritation or discomfort occur and seek medical advice if necessary.
Keep away from mouth and do not try to swallow.
Our products are meant for adults, their use on or by children and minors is parents responsibility.
We accept no liability for any damage or issue caused by a careless use, or misuse, of our products.

Weight 0.043 kg
Dimensions 11 × 1.5 × 13 cm

Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis lazuli, Moss agate

5ml oil blend

Pendant only, Blessing, Love spell, Prosperity, Protection


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