Double action candles


A double action candle is used in reversing spells. Black/red candle is used to reverse and unblock love problems, black/green to reverse and unblock financial problems and black/white is for all purpose. The black side will banish negativity and breaking blockages, the coloured one will attract what you wish.

Vegetable wax candle made with Piper nigrum essential oil (black side) , Rosa damascena essential oil (red side) and Cinnamomum verum essential oil (green side).

Size approximately 25cm length x 2.5cm diameter.

PLEASE NOTE: Each piece is unique, colour shade or intensity can variate, surface can be more or less smooth with natural marks due to the candle being handmade, and to the properties of vegetable wax. These peculiarities do not influence the vibrational and spiritual qualities of the piece. The handmade process reinforces the intention and purpose of the tool.

For the safety of those who buy this product we suggest to pay the utmost attention during its use. Always place candles in a large fire and heat proof container, away from flammable objects. Do not let candles burn unattended or if you are sleeping.
This candle contains herbs and essential oils which burning together with the wax could create more than one flame, or high flames.
Remove any paper label before light the candle.
We take no responsibility for the way or purpose this candle is used for.

Our products are plant based and safe to use, but some natural ingredients could still induce allergic reactions especially to sensitive people, children and people who already suffer with allergies, so we suggest you to check the list of natural allergens in essential oils and be sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients reported on the product page.Stop using the product if any allergy, irritation or discomfort occur, and seek medical advice if necessary.Do not ingest a product unless it is for internal use and keep away from eye and orifices.Our products are meant for adults, their use on, or by, children and minors is parents responsibility.We accept no liability for any damage or issue caused by a careless use, or misuse, of our products.



Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 2.6 × 2.6 × 25 cm

All purpose, Love, Prosperity, Full set


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