Diana’s Path: Dianic Tradition online mentoring – single lesson


This is to purchase an online single lesson into the Diana’s Path mentoring program which provides the theoretical and practical fundamental knowledge of Dianic Tradition for both solitary and group practice.

List of topics on the mentoring program: Belief, Herstory, structure, cosmology, Goddess, altar, fundamental techniques of female awareness, magical theory and practice, meditation, visualization, elements, Sabbat and Esbat, moon phases and their influences, use of magical tools, basic rituals, magic circle.

Each lesson consists of a 75 minutes video call (Skype or whatsapp).

To follow this mentoring program you need to be biologically female. If you are interested to this service it is required to contact us privately to arrange an online meeting and gain more information before purchasing your lesson.
Placing an order for this service without fulfilling the necessary requirements will automatically lead to its cancellation.


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