Bath tea


Herbal tea for ritual baths.

✹ Abundance bath tea: To promote wealth, prosperity, work opportunities, expansion and good luck.

✹ Healing bath tea: To promote healing, energy reintegration and recovering.

✹ Balancing/Harmonizing bath tea: To rebalance the etheric body and harmonise the energy flow.

✹ Cleansing and protection bath tea: For deep energy cleansing and etheric protection.

✹ Sacred Feminine bath tea: For female empowerment, to be used before rituals or celebrations and anytime you wish to connect with your sacred-self.

✹ Lunar ritual bath tea: To harmonize yourself with lunar energy. It can be used during full moon or lunar rituals.

Product for external use (do not drink), made with dry herbs and high grade filter paper bags.
4 bags per package.

Directions: Drop one or two bags in warm water and allow 5-7 minutes for herbs to infuse and release their vibrations.
Water might change in color and lightly change its smell. Remove the bag before getting into the bath.

Avoid during pregnancy.

Shelf-life is 6 to 12 months, although the product could last longer and still be safe to use.
Store it in a dark cool place and keep the bags tightly closed.

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: Our products are not cosmetics, drugs or food supplements, and do not substitute any medical preparation or treatment. We are occult and holistic professionals creating and providing tools to support peoples’ spiritual journey and practices (rituals, spellwork) and vibrational healing.
Our products are plant based and safetly blended by a trained professional, we are also on the process to request certification for those products that most commonly could be used directly on the skin, but some natural ingredients could still induce allergic reactions to sensitive people, children and people who already suffer with allergies, so we suggest you to check the list of natural allergens in essential oils and be sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients reported on the product page.For products you wish to use on your skin apply a small amount on the back of your hand and do not use, or stop using them if any allergy, irritation or discomfort occur. Seek medical advice if necessary.
For products meant to be used internally we suggest to try a small amount and do not use or stop using them if any allergy or discomfort occur. Seek medical advice if necessary.
Do not ingest a product unless it is for internal use and keep products away from eye and orifices.Our products are meant for adults, their use on, or by children and minors is parents responsibility.We accept no liability for any damage or issue caused by a careless use, or misuse, of our products.




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Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 13 cm

Harmonizing, Purification, Abundance, Healing, Balancing, Cleansing and protection, Sacred Feminine, Lunar ritual, Full set


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