Ars Strigae Oracle

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28 cards deck created by using traditional and ancient symbols of the Witch-Craft artistically envisioned in graphic form, and enriched by more than 20 years of acquired and channelled knowledge, to offer a simple yet powerful divination tool.

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28 Cards oracle deck + pouch + free digital PDF* cards description booklet.

Ars Strigae Oracle created by Cristina Pandolfo
Artworks by Rosa Laguna
Layout e Design by Serena Leonardi

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Dimensions 12 × 2 × 15 cm

1 review for Ars Strigae Oracle

  1. The Creatrix

    I purchased the Ars Strigae Oracle in March 2021 during launch, and I’m so glad that I did. Ars Strigae Oracle has grown to be my favorite and most-consulted oracle deck — we communicate at least weekly — and building a relationship was effortless.

    Ars Strigae is beautifully-illustrated! The clean lines and sensitivity to the subtle gradations in the quality of the ink washes are lovely. Additionally, the balance between crisp detail and the dreamlike quality of the washes makes this deck a wonder to work with and aligns with how I experience the ebb and flow of receiving oracular messages. The oracle is excellent for both general and specific readings; and, like my experience with the Oracles, sometimes the answer comes through with a crispness and sometimes the message is more subtle and nuanced. Regardless of how the answer is communicated, the image is always there with a veracity and beauty that is uniquely suited to conversations with Nature and connection through tradition.

    Ars Strigae Oracle is an accurate oracle deck that communicates clearly, accurately, and consistently. I understood the language of the Oracles who speak through this deck from the first reading on our first day and each subsequent reading has been like having a conversation with an old, trusted friend over tea.

    In a more practical sense, the card stock is sturdy and durable enough to withstand gentle-to-medium pressure riffle shuffling. It may be important to note that I also use an overhand technique sometimes, but it really depends on my question and how I need to shuffle in the moment. My hands are on the small side of average, and the size works well for me — if you’re comfortable with a standard size tarot deck, the Ars Strigae Oracle, essentially, has the same dimensions with a comfortable rounded corner. The Ars Strigae Oracle is a hair wider — 1mm — and I only know that because I just compared them for this review. I am also inclined to believe that this incremental change is what contributes to the overall comfort of the deck — for me, it’s an improvement.

    Sometimes, I wear spectacles and the card-stock/paper finish works well for all of my lens finishes and combinations thereof (uncoated, anti-glare, computer/blue, and non-scratch). I can read with this deck with or without my specs with accuracy, but I figured it worth mentioning for anyone who happens upon this and would wonder about such things.

    Even after two years of consistent (sometimes daily) work with my deck, the finish is in exceptional condition, and there are no smudges or markings from the oils on my hands (this includes my hand’s natural oils in addition to salves and Goddess oils from the In Lumine Lunae collection when I incorporate them into specific divinations).

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